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Fox Brush Farm Lessons

Monthly membership fee is due first lesson of the month. If there are five weeks in the month, the fifth lesson is free. Makeups are available, but not carry overs.

*Note change in payment method: please pay instructor before lesson.

​​​​​Lesson Pricing:

Lesson TypePricing
Introductory Lesson
30 Minute Private
45 Minute Group

*Introductory Lesson: This lesson is 60 minutes and is an evaluation of riding skill.  This lesson includes a half hour devoted to grooming, tack up and care and a half hour of riding time.

​Monthly Membership

(Fees for Public 4-Pack of Lessons):

 Lesson Type

 Regular Price


Lesson Pricing


30 Minute Private
45 Minute Group

Fox Brush Lesson Program

Fox Brush Farm is a "hunt seat" barn.

Our trainers Caitlin Miller, Casey Hughes, Amy Hayes and Eve Newton as well as our instructors have years of experience starting young riders safely and bringing all riders along to meet their personal goals.  Our trainers take riders to smaller beginning shows and also to the highest levels of national showing.  We have fun and learn at the same time, with a focus on safety.

Fox Brush Farm Lesson Policies:
These policies are a guide to help every rider get the most out of his or her lesson and also to ensure that the lesson program is run efficiently. If you have any questions or concerns with these policies, please do not hesitate to ask our staff. 

Lessons include learning: 

  • safety rules

  • leading a horse

  • adjusting tack

  • mounting and dismounting

  • correct riding position

  • halting

  • turning

  • safe trail riding (seasonal)

When ready: 

  • posting trot

  • sitting trot

  • cantering

  • preliminary to advanced jumping exercises using poles on the ground or cross poles

  • learning the techniques of riding an equitation or hunter course

  • Riders interested in jumping higher than cross poles may want to look into Fox Brush Farm leasing programs or Fox Brush Farm assistance with purchasing a horse.

Riding Lesson Etiquette:

  • Be at your lesson at least 15 minutes in advance. Please plan on 15-30 minutes after your lesson to care for your horse.

  • This means if you ride in a 30 minute lesson, please plan on one hour total in the barn, and if you ride in a 45 minute lesson plan on up to 1 hour 30 minutes in the barn.

Lesson Scheduling:
If you pay on an individual lesson basis, please make sure to pay before your lessons begin. Please call to cancel well in advance of your lesson, since we plan the horses' schedules based on lessons.

For the consideration of our horses, if you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, please give us at least 24 hours notice. Less than 12 hours notice will be billed $10. No call/no shows will be billed for the full lesson. 

If you know in advance you will not be at the following week’s lesson, please mark it on the board in the main barn tack room or email us at

For scheduling, call Casey Hughes at 517-626-6161 or 517-930-0799.

You can also email​​