Boarding and Leasing at Fox Brush Farm

As Lansing’s premier hunter/jumper riding facility, we strive to create a safe, positive environment for both horses and riders to learn. Our boarding program promotes good horsemanship and encourages riders to reach their competitive goals by offering a variety of levels of horse shows. For those boarders who aren't competitively oriented, we encourage development as horse people and riders by setting and achieving personal goals in riding through lessons, clinics, and ongoing training.

Board Options

Regular Board:
This includes twice daily hay and grain, stalls cleaned daily, with shavings added as needed. This also includes daily turnout, weather permitting. Includes scheduling farrier and veterinarian. We offer a variety of other services, listed below.

Training Board:
This includes all of the services of the regular board, as well as all services listed below at no additional charge. Includes scheduling farrier and veterinarian. One weekly training ride and one weekly 45-minute group lesson are included. Lunges and wrapping are included in Horse Show Fees. Training Boarders receive a $10 training fee discount per day at away horse shows.

Services available:

Mane Pulls, Trims, Clips, Blanketing, Deworming, Training Rides, Lunges, Supplements given,and Fly Control.

Other services offered to boarders include lockers, and horse laundry service.

Lease Information

3-Day Lease: Leasing a horse for 3 days a week might be perfect for you!  The 3-Day Lease includes a yearly lease fee for the horse (which varies according to the horse and a saddle rental if needed.)  Please see a trainer for rates and more details.

  • Lease includes 2 45-minute group lessons weekly at the boarder rate
  • This amount may also go toward private 30-minute lessons charged at the boarder rate and/or a boarder schooling, which is a 15-minute lesson.
  • The third day can be used to do a supervised ride or pick up another lesson or school.
  • Please ask what grooming equipment you will need.

NOT INCLUDED IN LEASE: Extra veterinary care for showing.

At the start of the lease, an agreement will be signed, and the lease fee will be paid for the year.   Monthly board and lesson fees will be due 
on the 5th of each month.

Private Lease:  If we need to find an appropriate horse outside of Fox Brush for a private lease, our trainers will find the best horse for you and get you set up at our facility.  Please note there is a commission for time spent.  Ask a trainer for more details.

*For the consideration of our horses, if you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, please give us at least 24 hours notice. Less than 12 hours notice will be billed $10. No call/no shows will be billed for the full lesson. 

For More Information Contact Us By Phone & Email At:
Casey: 517-626-6161;

Fox Brush Farm